48 is the New 50, But Who’s Counting? My Encounter with Chinese Censorship

My latest book just got published in China.  With the subject of investing and entrepreneurship so huge in China, I hope the book sells well.  I wrote the book with Brian Cohen. It’s called What Every Angel Investor Wants You to Know. I’m glad it’s available to readers in China.  I […] Read more

The Ethics of Ghostwriting

Every few months I receive an email inquiry asking me if I would ghostwrite a term paper or dissertation. My answer is always no. To me, that’s totally unethical. But why? What makes it unethical for me to accept a fee to write an essay for a graduate student who […] Read more

Apologize as the First Resort

Apology is not a get-out-of-jail-free card, but it’s less costly than the alternatives What exactly should leaders do when they make a mistake or suffer a setback? The surprising answer is to apologize. Apologizing, accepting responsibility, and acting in a transparent manner yields significant benefits. Leaders who apologize just have […] Read more

When Leadership Burnout May Really be Leadership Burn-in

Dan Kador is CTO of the successful startup Keen.io   Medium recently picked up his post on acknowledging that he was burned out. Full disclosure: he’s my son. Unnecessary disclosure: I’m totally proud of him. The post starts with Dan wrestling with this question fundamental to all leaders:  Is there a […] Read more