Ghostwriting Compensation: Too Much or Too Little?

Both potential clients and fellow ghostwriters are uncertain about ghostwriting fees.  Clients always want to know what the ranges are.  Fellow ghostwriters always feel they are not charging enough or perhaps they are charging too much. It’s all a muddle.   I wish there was more transparency in the fees […] Read more

My Five Nevers of Ghostwriting Success

Looking back over my three decades of ghostwriting, I realize that every bad client experience I had was really my own fault. In each case, I ignored the flashing red warning signs. I’m not claiming that these rules are absolute for every ghostwriter, nor that they will protect you in […] Read more

Code of Ethics for Professional Ghostwriters

Because ghostwriters engage in activities that by invitation impact the lives of our clients, and because our conduct carries with it significant responsibilities, and because we desire the benefits of being treated as professionals, it behooves ghostwriters to accept the responsibilities of professionals guided by a Code of Ethics. This […] Read more

How to Read a Book Proposal

A book proposal is not the book.  It is the sizzle, without even the steak. This distinction, so clear to experienced publishers, is often confusing to beginning authors and corporate clients. I’m a ghostwriter specializing in getting CEOs and other executives published by traditional publishers.  My corporate clients hire me […] Read more

How do I Define a Ghostwriter?

What’s a ghostwriter? I get a lot of emails from aspiring ghostwriters who seem to have peculiar ideas about what ghostwriting really is. The dictionary and other sources only seem to confuse the issue. defines ghostwriter as: a person who writes one or numerous speeches, books, articles, etc., for another person […] Read more

A Ghostwriting Group for All Seasons

The writer’s life can be a lonely, isolating one.   These days most writers work by themselves in home offices. There’s always a deadline looming or a page to be polished.  We know we should get out more, exercise every day, meet friends, and attend professional meetings and conferences.  But […] Read more

What’s the Most Important Key to Ghostwriter Success?

I’m pleased that I have been asked to be a panelist at Ghostwriters Unite, an exciting step on the road to professionalizing the ghostwriter’s craft. The conference is in Long Beach at the beginning of May, 2013. I’ve been anticipating questions and the question that I expect to come up–and […] Read more