Apologize as the First Resort

Apology is not a get-out-of-jail-free card, but it’s less costly than the alternatives What exactly should leaders do when they make a mistake or suffer a setback? The surprising answer is to apologize. Apologizing, accepting responsibility, and acting in a transparent manner yields significant benefits. Leaders who apologize just have […] Read more

Is an Apology “Just Words” or An Action?

Some people dismiss an apology as “just words.”  A gesture without substance. But the following are also “just words.” Or are they something more? Minister: By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you married. Jury: We, the jury, find the defendant guilty. Judge: I hereby sentence you to […] Read more

Accountability, Apology, and Bill Cosby

It’s more and more obvious that the entertainer Bill Cosby has conducted his private life in a shameful and criminal manner for many decades. As of this writing, over a dozen women have come forward with allegations that are remarkably similar. Some of the women complained decades ago that Bill […] Read more

An Inmate’s Public Apology

In a previous blog, I introduced an inmate I called Charles.   He wrote me a letter introducing himself as an inmate in the Sheridan Correctional Center in Illinois. Charles wanted to issue a public apology and asked me my opinion about doing so.   That blog post included my […] Read more

Are There Tricks to Make Your Apology Better?

Are there tricks to more effective apology? I’m skeptical. A recent article “A Trick to Make Your Apology Better” quoted a paper  from the Journal of Experimental Psychology that suggested a little self-affirmation makes it easier to apologize. Karina Schumann, a Stanford University psychologist, demonstrated this by instructing 98 adults […] Read more

An Inmate Asks if he should Issue a Public Apology

An inmate–let’s call him Charles–incarcerated at the Sheridan Correctional Center in Illinois  writes with a question about whether he should issue a public apology for his offenses. Charles writes: I have a subscription to my local newspaper, and I noticed that there are a great deal of crime reports and […] Read more