My corporate speeches are known for their use of humor, informality, as well as depth of understanding about the issue at hand. I make good use of my growing database of humor suitable for business presentations.

Whenever possible, I believe speeches should incorporate elements of interactivity. (Most, of course, do in the form of Q&As, but I incline toward an interactivity more embedded in the speech.)  I believe that if time, the size of the audience, and venue permit it, every speech should include these elements of interactivity. See some of my sample speeches for what I mean.

Every speech should have a clear point of view, grounded by the specific experience of the speaker.  I don’t want to hear “speeches from nowhere” and I don’t want to write them. My mantra: Brevity, levity, and clarity.

What are the elements of a great business speech?
To answer this question I wrote 50 High Impact Speeches and Remarks: Proven Words You Can Adapt for Any Occasion.   Click here for a look inside my book.

Please contact me for samples of my recent speeches.