Magazine Journalism

I have written over 3,000 articles published by dozens of business magazines, newspapers, and trade publications around the world. These days, my magazine work appears in Chief Executive, Wealth Management (a magazine for money managers), Board Member (for executive serving on boards) and Human Resource Executive.

Click on the links to read my most recent feature articles, profiles, and columns.

  1. Six Lessons that Financial Advisors Can Learn from Netflix’s “Ozark”
  2. Some of the Greatest Motivational Quotes from CEOs this Year
  3. Lessons in Maximizing Payouts & Providing Exceptional Service from a Teenage Paper Route 
  4. Unforgiven: The Failed Apology of Equifax CEO Richard Smith 
  5. Defining Trust and How to Achieve It
  6. The Seven Deadly Sins of Apology 
  7. Launching Startup Kids 
  8. What is Marketplace Lending?
  9. Want Better Performance? Say You’re Sorry
  10. What Causes CEO Failure?
  11. How to Get the Most from Your CMO
  12. Where Are the Women?


Wealth Management Feature Articles

  1. Ten Best Business Books of 2017 for Financial Advisors 
  2. Ten Best Podcasts of 2017 for Financial Advisors 
  3. Surrender a Universal Life Insurance Policy?
  4. Six Lessons Financial Advisors Can Learn from “Ozark”
  5. Ten Best Business Books of 2016 for Financial Advisors 
  6. Learning from Failure: Fear of Failure is Worse than Failure Itself
  7. An Advisor’s Guide to Peer to Peer Investing
  8. Seven Lessons Advisors Can Learn From Startups  
  9. The REP’s Guide to Ethical Wills 
  10. The Best Business Books of 2014

Wealth Management Infographic

An ongoing feature that displays trends and statistics of interest to financial professionals in an infographic.

  1. Six Charts that Illustrate the Financial Industry’s Lack of Diversity
  2. Eight Charts that Explain Millennials and Money
  3. Intergenerational Wealth Transfer 
  4. Ten Critical Differences Between the Democratic and Republican Tax Plans 

The Puzzler

Every other month, I present a brainteaser of the type that some companies occasionally use in the employee interviewing process. One reader with the correct solution is selected champion and receives a signed copy of my book, How to Ace the Brainteaser Job Interview.  Here are the latest Puzzlers in this series.

  1. Puzzler #65 How Much Do You Know About Charitable Giving? 
  2. Puzzler #64 How Much Do You Know About the Federal Reserve?
  3. Puzzler #63 Financial Word Scramblers 
  4. Puzzler #62 How Well Do You Know Financial Acronyms?
  5. Puzzler #50 November 2016 The Ultimate Logic Puzzler
  6. Puzzler #49 August 2015 If-Then
  7. Puzzler #48 June 2015 Hidden Countries
  8. Puzzler #47 April 2015 Pulley Puzzle
  9. Puzzler #46 How Smart Are You About Annuities? 
  10. Puzzler #45 Smart Are You About REITs? 

If I Knew Then . . . What I Know Now

An ongoing feature in which seasoned financial advisors answer a single question: what’s one piece of advice you wish you could offer the younger version of yourself just starting out in the financial services industry?

  1. Eric S. Davis and Michael Greco
  2. Dennis Clark and Philip Hildebrandt


Management Index 

An ongoing feature in which I present statistics and factoids selected to help financial advisors make more informed and nuanced decisions.  The statistics are often focused on a single theme.

  1. Retirement and Credit 
  2. Retirement Then and Now
  3. Financial Literacy
  4. The Millennial Mindset
  5. Love and Marriage

Human Resource Executive

For HRE, I contribute feature articles and the “By The Numbers” column, an ongoing feature which offers a snapshot collection of illuminating factoids from the worlds of careers, commerce, and culture of interest to HR professionals.

  1. CHRO Succession at the Crossroads
  2. When It’s the Candidate’s Turn to Ask

By the Numbers: Factoids from the Workplace and Beyond

  1.  By the Numbers