Why Joe Biden’s Apology was So Unsatisfactory

Former Vice President Joe Biden recently reached out to Anita Hill to apologize for his role degrading her and other women during the Clarence Thomas hearings. The exchange left Anita Hill “deeply unsatisfied.”  It was an unsatisfactory apology. Biden, it seems, just can’t mouth a direct apology.  Why?  Because apology […] Read more

Inspiration from the Best Commencement Speakers of 2018

Commencement Speech Wisdom Spring brings CEOs and other business worthies to college campuses for the annual rite known as the commencement address. The best of these speakers imparts hard-won wisdom not found in textbooks. Financial professionals may find it occasionally useful to be reminded of the aspirations and hopes that […] Read more

Five Lessons CEOS can Learn from Fighter Pilots

Chief executives, if they are lucky, rarely need the split-second decision making of fighter pilots, yet, like fighter pilots, CEOs must juggle a lot of interdependent decisions and process with high-stakes outcomes. As with fighter pilots, events facing CEOs arrive fast, furiously, and unpredictably. Time is always of the essence. […] Read more

Three Lessons CEOs Can Learn from King Hammurabi

King Hammurabi—of “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” fame—gets a bad rap in business schools. But maybe the management precepts he laid out over 4,000 years ago in Babylon, Mesopotamia—perhaps history’s first codes of conduct—may have something to teach us.   The Code of Hammurabi […] Read more

Unforgiven: The Failed Apology of Equifax CEO Richard Smith

Even a perfect apology doesn’t vaccinate a company against fallout from corporate misbehavior. Two weeks after Equifax chairman and CEO Richard F. Smith apologized for a data breach that compromised the private financial information of 143 million people, the stock has plummeted 30%, two executives have been forced out, Congress […] Read more